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K Rino Day Of The Storm Torrent (2022)

Review Reviewer, David Litchfield wrote, "This recording was worth the wait. The songs are better than ever and the whole album is full of emotional depth and emotional truth. The musicians are tight and full of feeling and you will come away feeling uplifted, motivated and maybe just a little changed. A must have for everyone". Track listing "Open To The Mountains" – 4:25 "Living From Day To Day" – 3:45 "Who Am I" – 5:16 "Alleluia" – 2:53 "The Prayer Of Saint Francis" – 4:50 "Ceaseless Toil" – 5:54 "A Moment Of Grace" – 2:22 "My Suffering" – 4:23 "Listen To Me" – 2:37 "The Peace That Passeth All Understanding" – 3:51 "Waiting For The Day" – 3:19 "The Day Of The Storm" – 5:31 Personnel Gerard Thomas - Vocals Production Produced by Gerard Thomas Engineered by Marc Lambert Mixed by Marc Lambert Mastered by Les Massenet at Letus Mastering, Châteauvieux Photography by: Matthieu Poncelet Design: Marc Lambert Chart performance Awards and nominations 2012 Nominated for Rock Album of the Year in the 2013 C.D.A. awards 2012 Nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year in the 2013 C.D.A. awards References Category:Gerard Thomas (musician) albums Category:2012 albumsQ: Remove section heading from simpleXML object I'm looking for a way to remove the section heading from the following XML: Heading Some text This is the

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